On the road to the WTC Part 5 – Leprecon XXXVI

This Sunday, the 8th of March i’ll be off to Leprecon to take part in a steamroller 2015 event. Leprecon is Ireland’s oldest gaming convention. Run by the Dublin University Games Society it takes place on the 6th-8th March, 2015 in Goldsmith Hall, Trinity College, Dublin.

I’ll be bringing a Father Lucant infantry list as my first list. i’m undecided on whether or not to bring Forge Father Syntherion or Iron Mother Diretrix as my second list. Both have pros and cons. Do i want to go with an armour skew list but relative low model count or a spell slinging infantry list that has a high model count but lacks in hitting power? I still have a couple of days to decide so we’ll see…

Also this sunday i’ll be bringing my camera with me. I hope to do a few interviews with the local community.


As you can see no expense spared, the microphone alone cost loads… Hopefully things go well during recording and I’ll be able to post up some of the ‘interviews’.

– from The Man Cave

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