The Edge by Awaken Realms

The Edge is an ambitious tabletop miniatures game coming soon to Kickstarter by the people behind Awaken Realms (one of the world’s biggest model painting studio). After spending hundreds of hours painting other peoples miniatures they finally decided to use all their experience and knowledge and take things to the next level.

The Story


The world of The Edge was shattered by a cataclysm (“The Day of Judgment” as The Chapter calls it) that put humanity on its knees. When everything seemed lost, what remained of mankind was united by The Priest of The One – A Monotheistic Technological God. Thanks to crystals leftover from the cataclysm, Priests of The One created technologically advance machines and led humanity from its knees to a new golden era. 


But the time of peace did not last long. It turned out that crystals were not the only thing left by the meteors – deep in the craters small portals lay hidden, waiting patiently. Once the Demons began to emerge from the portals, an invasion that flooded the land begun.  At first, it was not even a fight – it was a slaughter, the perfect invasion plan executed step by step without fail. After some time The Chapter was able to produce military technology that made fighting back possible – but even aided by the powerful Angels of Death, believed to be the avatars of The One himself, they were still losing battle after battle. Humans were adapting, developing new deathly technologies never seen before in the haste for survival – but even with all of their efforts, the Demons were still winning.

Then a certain event took place that no one was expecting – after one of the most bloody battles, under very unusual circumstances a new being came to being. Neither human, nor machine – a creature that started feasting on the battlefield remains, incorporating both flesh and mechanical parts, constantly changing, constantly evolving. Faceless creatures, without soul, emotion or mind – wandering through the land consuming everything in its way. The Faceless began to spread without any control and at first were unnoticed by both the Demons and The Chapter. Until they became a force that changed the whole face of the conflict and broke the Demon invasion under the walls of Eld-Hain, the first human refuge that was about to fall. All the communication attempts with them failed so far.

The Game

The Edge aims to use the old adage “easy to learn, hard to master”. Taking the best elements from tabletop, card and board games this is sure to be true. Crystals play a huge role in their game. They are the source of power that every faction desire, each for their own reasons. Crystals act as a players mana pool, refreshing each turn. Players start with a small number of crystals but a core mechanic of the game is gathering more crystals. The more crystals you have the more powerful spells and abilities you can use.

Players will also start with a “deck” of spell cards, that they choose at the start of a game that will be able to globally influence the battlefield. Their effect will be various and each of the faction will have different style of spells. In addition to that almost every unit will have special ability (or more than one) – active or passive.

The Models

Below are some images from the different factions. And I must say they look sweet and creepy as hell.

The Chapter





The Demons



We had a chance to ask the folks over at Awaken Realms a few questions recently.

1. previously you’ve been a painting studio. what was the factors that made yourselfs decide to create your game system?

We are totally keeping the painting business ; ) Doing the Edge is something extra we are doing – and this is actually a dream we had for some time now. Doing our own universe, miniatures and game that people will sink in and enjoy. 

2. what games do yourselves play?

Oh, right now there is not much time left  But we are playing some board games from time to time (most often would be Game of Thrones and Chaos in the old world), in the past I was a card games geek with the Magic: the Gathering on top of my spending list. Obviously we played also a lot of computer games that did influence us quite a lot as well. 

3. what was the inspirations for your model designs?

Well, there is a full story and tons of inspiration in every model we make. We wanted to do things a little differently and rather than just do usual models – we put a lot of thought process behind them, so that not only they will “look cool” – but actually, they have story behind most of the details 

4. so far what has been your toughest challenge

I think that the biggest challenge is to get started. There was tons of hard stuff on the way (and probably will be even more to come) – but the hardest is the decision just to go ahead with the project and do not look back for quite a long time (few months) without knowing if it will be a success or not.

The Edge is due to start on Kickstarter very soon. Why not head over and check out their prelaunch page at:

Or The Edge’s webpage at:

And not to forget Awaken Realms Facebook page for The Edge at:

– from The Man Cave


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