Dear 4+, get lost…


I love games… I play card games, board games, tabletop games and computer games. I love the journey they can take you on, the highs and the lows. I’m not by any stretch of the imagination saying i’m any good at the games I play. As a matter of fact I regularly say “I play to make other people look good”. But there is one thing that gets my goat more than most…

Now before we go any further I have to stick a little disclaimer in here, this is mostly to do with tabletop games and also as I get older I get more crankier and things annoy me easier…

In tabletop wargames it’s the 4+ roll…

Disclaimer no.2, I have no problem with a 4+ roll if its part of a model/ units rules such as “Super Tough” in Warmachine or “Feel no Pain” in Warhammer 40K (although that’s a 5+ roll).

The 4+ roll is where you roll a single 6 sided dice and on a result of a 4, 5 or 6 you’ve succeeded in what your trying to do.

In tabletop wargames a 4+ roll is generally the house rule for settling a dispute in a game. You and your opponent have a disagreement regarding a rule, a measurement or some such 4+ it.

Sounds reasonable enough doesn’t it. A quick and easy solution. But what gets my goat is why a 4+? Why not odds and evens?

On a 6 sided dice, 4+ is half the numbers of the dice (simple maths). The odds of rolling 4+ (now I’m not a mathematition) but its in the region 60 odd percent (according to the App I have its about 66%).

So why if i’m disagreeing with my opponent am I letting him have a straight up 66% chance of having things their way? Wouldn’t a 50 – 50 chance be fairer hence odds and evens. You still have to roll a dice, still have to roll 3 numbers out 6 don’t you. Perhaps some reader is able to do the maths on the odds of rolling an odd number vs an even number on a 6 sided dice (I can’t, the App I have cant do that. I might need a refund).

Is the 4+ a hold over from when most of us played Warhammer 40K. In games I’ve played and wanted odds and evens my opponent has nearly had kittens. Is it cause they don’t want to lose that 66% advantage? Cause its not a house rule or in the rule book? Is it some sort of superstition?

What’s your thoughts 4+ or Odds and Evens.

– from The Man Cave


One thought on “Dear 4+, get lost…

  1. How about we all do an experiment? Anyone reading this for the next month use Odds and Evens and report back. Comment back after 1 month of using Odds and Evens. Comment back if you found a difference vs 4+. Comment back how your opponent felt about using it rather than a 4+.


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