Golem Arcana – Part 2 Shadow of the Khan wrap up


In November last year the first instalment,The battle of Two Rock, of Golem Arcana’s living world scenario’s began. It continued with The caves of Mathis and concluded with The Lords of the Line this month.

During the 3 part story line the murderers of the Great Khan were chased down, a powerful Relic was searched for and the Gudanna assaulted and breached a Durani stronghold. Giving them a beachhead to launch further assaults into Durani territories.

The boys over at Harebrained Schemes take the time to discuss the results of the Shadow of the Khan story arc, answer some forum questions and talk a little about future developments of Golem Arcana.


You can find more information and fiction that link to the Shadow of the Khan living world scenarios on the Golem Arcana website.


– from The Man Cave


3 thoughts on “Golem Arcana – Part 2 Shadow of the Khan wrap up

  1. Correct me if I wrong, but isn’t rolling a 4+ 50/50 just like rolling odds & evens ? on a D6 roll of a 4+ 1,2,3, one player wins & on the roll of 4,5,6 the other player wins.
    On odds & evens on a 1,3,5 one player wins & on a 2,4,6 the other one wins, so with either one or the dice off’s 3 numbers win it one way & 3 the other so its 50/50, I hope that helps.


    • Hi Frank, it might be my superstition/ believe thats colouring my view but most gamers get a 4+ on an average roll. Perhaps its due to imperfect dice or some such affecting the roll of dice but even the hitting % App i have gives better odds of hitting 4+ than a 1, 2 or 3. Although yes its 50/ 50 hitting 1-3 vs 4-6 on the table at least to me and my App 4+ is the average.


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