Run in the shadows with me…

One game system I always had a love for growing up was the RPG Shadowrun. I love the setting, the fluff and character types. Unfortunately I’ve never played the RPG due to having no one to play it with etc. So instead I settled for the video games/ Apps based on the RPG, namely Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun: Dragonfall by Harebrained Schemes.

So a bit about the fluff of the games.

Both games are set in a cyberpunk world that at the end of the Aztec calendar in 2012 magic reemerged into the world bringing with it Elves, Orks, Troll’s, magical creatures and Great Dragons. In this world, cybernetic and biologically augmented individuals and Magically attuned people are now part of the norm. Mega Corporation’s are a power onto themselves. When a conflict arises or a dirty job needs doing Mega corporations, government’s, organized crime and wealthy individuals subcontract their dirty work to specialists who then perform “Shadowruns” or missions undertaken by deniable assets without identities. The most skilled individuals or groups have earned the name “Shadowrunners”.

I originally bought Shadowrun Returns from for my laptop but when my kids “played” with my laptop I bought it for my android tablet. The basic plot for the game is that you get a phone call from an old friend who informs you that he’s been killed and offers you a big payday if you find his killer. Both PC and Android versions play similar, with the launch campaign Dead Man’s Switch lasting about 10 to 15 hours. Where the PC version excels is that you can download community created content some of which is quite good. I hope they do this for the android version.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall is the first expansion. And it differs a bit from Shadowrun Returns. In Dragonfall you are apart of a team rather than just hiring Squad mates although you can still do that. It’s set in a different city than the first. The story is a step up from the original. The basic plot is you move to Germany to join up with an old friend, while on a milk run of a Shadowrun everything goes to hell and you get dragged into… Well i wont spoil it for you. I will say that it does briefly reference Shadowrun Returns plot briefly and some characters show up here and there. There has been some tweaks to the game system. Ranged shooting has taken a bit of a nerfing, which is a bit of blessing and a curse but it does force you to use your abilities rather than blasting your way thru with a shotgun. Overall Its a great addition.

If you get a chance, pick them up they’re well worth it.

– from The Man Cave


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