Homaged but not restrained

Incase you’ve been under a rock, there is a new Star Wars film out this time next year. JJ Abhrams (of the Star Trek Reboot and Cloverfield to name a few) will be in charge of it. Sounds good so far right? no more Jar Jar Binks 😉

Reading abit more about the new Star Wars film he says something to the effect that although the new film(s) wil pay homage to the original films (Luke, Leia + Han etc) they won’t be restrained by them (they’re free to take Star Wars in any direction they want).

This got me wondering, what if Games Workshop turned around and said come December 31st 2014 @ 11:59:59pm Warhammer 40K will be no more… now take a moment let that sink in. No more 40K.

Starting 01st January 2015 @ 12:01 Warhammer 41K will launch. It will pay homage to 40K but it won’t be restrained by it.

What would 41K be like? A cash grab (most probably) or a complete reboot.

Games Workshop taking a cold hard look at its self. Saying to itself and its players “We’re sorry, we got corruptted by the money. This is for you guys. We owe you”.

Personally i’m of the opinion (and dont shoot me) GW has to take a hit for the team for a change (dont moan to me about share prices falling, that’s their own fault/ doing).

* do a price drop on all products (and not just by a little, minimum 10 – 20% personally i’m talking). It’s not rocket science. If there products are cheaper we’ld buy more, they would sell more but profit margins would be less (talking from experience here vets of the game have more than 1 army. Entice me to start a new one).
* Go back to a simpler rule set (a reboot would allow this).
* Now some may disagree, but probably not many. This is probably the big one for me cut the BS (not talking balistic skill here) with all the Datasheets, Allies + Detachments etc. I like how you can field a mixed forced (Imperial Guard, Space Marine chapter etc together. i like fluff, i’m a fluff bunny) but heres what i dont like it. Rulebook (approx €60), Codex (approx €39) then the cost of Data sheets, Ally Codex’s etc before you add the price of models (if thats not a cash grab i don’t know what is). Instead bring out strike force lists (similar to Privateer Press’s Tier Lists) available by digital download, no paper prints so thats a cost saving.

Just a few thoughts on my part as in my neck of the woods 40K is a dying beast.

– from The Man Cave


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