Kill Team

Like most that play tabletop games I started by playing Games Workshops Warhammer 40, 000 (or 40K as its commonly known). I started playing it when I was about 16 and I loved it. I loved the game universe, I loved the armies and I loved the fluff. Over the years I had collected 3 armies. I had a Space Marine army (think 7ft tall genetically engineered human super soldiers), I had (at the time it was known as) a Demon Hunter army (think basically the Inquisition, running around fighting demons + their followers) and a Necron army (an ancient race that turned themselves into robots). Each had its own individually look, feel and playstyle and I loved it.

I played 40K for years, I met some great people, had some great games and spent a hell of a lot of money on the hobby (if the misses ever found out how much i’ld be living back at my mothers). Then roughly 4 years ago things changed for me. I guess you could say I fell out with the game for a number of reasons (if your a 40K player, odds are you know what I’m talking about). I sold off most of my models and moved on to other things.

Even tho its been nearly 4 years (2010) since my last game I’ve always kept a loose eye on the game. Checking out the new releases, asking people about their games and watching batrep’s on YouTube. Even every now and again saying to myself I must paint up the models that I kept.

Recently I’ve been getting an itch to take out those old models and get a game in but I find myself in a bit of a pickle. I stopped playing 40K soon after the 5th edition of the rules launched and we’re now on 7th edition. Most of what I know/ remember is now outdated. Also the models that I still own isn’t near enough to play a game and as I have 4 kids and a misses my gaming budget is nowhere near what it once was. So what do I do? Well that’s where the title of this article comes in.

Kill Team is a different way to play 40K. Kill Team takes 40K and turns it into a skirmish game. So a little disclaimer first. I’m not going to be following the official Games Workshop Kill Team rules but rather the unofficial and putting my own little twist on it (a bit about that in a later article).

So why Kill Team? There is a number of reason and I’ll touch on them now.

* Low model count
* It’ll allow me to relearn the basics
* It allows for more intimate, more narrative games
* The time to play a Kill Team game vs the time it takes to play a normal game


So the above picture is what I have to start with. I basically have the Dark Angels (remember me talking about 7ft tall genetically engineered human super soldiers earlier) contents of Games Workshop’s Dark Vengeance box set and some other bits I got in a trade a couple of years ago. A complete list would be:

3 HQ (the leaders of your army) choices
2 troop choices (your rank and file soldier unit)
2 fast attack choices (bikers and some troopers with jet packs)
1 elite unit (the heavy hitters)

I’m currently reading thru the rules, coming up with my own slant on them and working on a narrative/ campaign to play. I’m currently planning on dipping my toe back into 40K in the new year so wish me luck.

– from The Man Cave


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