On the road to the WTC 2015 part 3 – Dominicon XX

I’m a little bit late with this one but hey better late than never, right?


So on Sunday the 16th of November Dominicon XX was being held on the campus of Maynooth NUI. There was a standard 50 pts steamroller tournament for Warmachine and Hordes. I had my permission slip signed by the other half so I jumped on the Dart at Drumcondra station and headed to Maynooth.


A little picture of Maynooth Harbour, enough said. Surprisingly I didn’t get lost on the way to Dominicon and more surprisingly I was early.

We had a good turn out of 20 players, representing the majority of the factions such as Cygnar, Cryx, Legion, Khador, Menoth and me with my CoC 😛

My first game was vs P. Feora of the Protectorate of Menoth faction of Warmachine.
The game ended with a win for me by assassination. My Prime Axiom picked up my opponents Reckoner Heavy Warjack and 2 handed threw it at his Warcaster. a few shots later and his Warcaster was dead.

My second game was vs P. Doomshaper of the Trolls faction for Hordes.

Trolls have always been a hard match up for me and this time was no different. the game ended with a loss for me. My opponents character warbeast laid the smack down on Lucant. Although I lost, I felt my game vs Trolls had improved.

My third game was vs Rhyas of the Legion of Everblight faction for Hordes. Unfortunately there’s no photo’s of this game, probably a good thing as I Fubar’d this game. The game ended in a loss for me by sceanario. I kept forgetting an important rule of the sceanario we were playing called “Killbox” (with Killbox starting at the end of 2nd player 1st turn your Warlock/ Warcaster has to be at least 14″ from their table edge. otherwise your opponent scores 2 Victory Points). I basically lost because I Killbox’d myself twice in a row. Giving my opponent 4 Victory Points, he then destroyed my objective gaining his 5th and winning. You live, you learn.

So by the end of the day I had 1 win, 1 loss by assassination and 1 loss by sceanario. as far as i remember i came 10th or 11th in the final standings. A good result for myself I feel with plenty of room to improve.

– from The Man Cave

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