On the road to the WTC 2015 part 2 – The choices

So for my road trip I’ve chosen Iron Mother Directrix and Father Lucant. So why these 2 casters? I’ll briefly dip into the why and the what I’m using at the moment.

As to the Why?

* Well they are the Mom and Pops of the faction.
* They both ask and answer questions vs other factions. They have 2 different play style’s thanks to their Field Marshall abilities, Feats and spell lists (incase i haven’t mentioned it previously each Warcaster in CoC gives Vectors in their battle group a special ability/ rule. Lucant’s Vectors can protect himself or others from being shot at and Iron Mother’s Vectors become Arc Nodes. They basically can extend her spell casting range).
* Their models are cool. Enough said.
* And finally from a money point of view I can run lists for them based on what I currently have with room to expand.

And as to the What?


So my current list for Father Lucant is:

Father Lucant
Prime Axiom
Optifex Directive
Full unit of Reciprocators with Transverse Enumerator
Min unit of Reductors with Transverse Enumerator
2 units of Clockwork Angels
Reflex Servitors
Reflex Servitors
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex

What kind of language is this? Funky names right.

So what does this army do? Well its a brick and Lucant makes it even more of a brick. Between Lucants spell list, Feat, and Field Marshall ability Lucant can and does keep his army safe vs a ranged army and also gives it extra survivability to accept an Alpha charge from an opponent that has a fast army.


For Iron Mother, the list I’m currently running is:

Iron Mother Directrix
Optifex Directive
Full unit of Reciprocators
Min unit of Reductors with Transverse Enumerator
Reflex servitors
Reflex servitors
Elimination Servitors
Steelsoul Protector

What is with these names right? It’s like someone flicked thru an engineering handbook and picked out words at random.

Iron Mother likes playing a ranged game. She comes with a big gun (rule wise, I don’t know where she’s hiding it on her model. Perhaps up her skirt) and likes to throw spells at her opponents models (thanks to her Field Marshal ability she’s able to do that from the other side of the table).

So that’s basically the Why and What of what I’m using at the moment.

– from The Man Cave

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