On the road to the WTC 2015 part 1 – The ramble

On the road to the WTC 2015 is a new series I’m going to be doing to chart my path to The Warmachine and Hordes Team Championship 2015 which will be hosted in Ireland next year. One way or another either thru getting on the Irish team or attending the Solo Masters event I’ll be going… Can i get a Hell Yeah Baby? So to start the series part 1 will be the boring background stuff. Now a word of warning I may use game terms that you wouldn’t be familiar with but don’t worry about it I’ll try to explain as I go.

Back in 2011 I fell outta love with the tabletop miniature game Warhammer 40K, for a number of reasons i felt it was no longer the game for me. After dipping my toe into a couple of different game systems I started playing the tabletop miniature game called Warmachine by Privateer Press (www.privateerpress.com) in July 2011. I started with the Warmachine 2 player starter box which had a starting army for Khador (think Russians with a bit of an ice theme) and the Protectorate of Menoth (think of the catholic church mixed with extremists with a fire theme).

For the first few months I played Khador but then switched to playing Menoth and continued playing them till the Irish Masters in March 2014. After the Masters I felt I needed a change once again, so I switched (or changed my faith) to the Convergence of Cyriss or CoC as its also known. I had been playing with CoC (Convergence is full of CoC jokes) since their release by Privateer Press in 2013 and went full time since the Masters. CoC is unlike the other factions of Warmachine in a number of ways.

* First of all, basically for the most part they are all clockwork robots.
* All their Vectors (what other factions call Jacks) don’t have their own Mat (Melee Attack) + Rat (Ranged Attack) statistic but rather share their Warcasters (your army’s leader) stats for Mat and Rat. They don’t have a cortex (what’s normally a Jacks brain in other factions) they have an Interface Node (which has some pretty cool rules).
* Their Vectors have a rule called Focus Induction, which makes them bonkers efficient. Allowing a single point of Focus to power a Warcasters entire battlegroup (a battlegroup is all the Vectors control).
* They are a clockwork faction, which means every unit/ model has a certain role within the army and order of activation is important.

For the record i’m not the best CoC player and its taken me months to get order of activations right and I still get my deployments wrong. I’ve only won one game with CoC so far but I love this game and faction and I reckon its gona be one hell of a ride to the WTC. So on the road I’m taking Iron Mother Directrix and Father Lucant with me.



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