Miniature 13


Miniature 13 is a new (Irish based) Sci-fi and Fantasy miniature company, devoted to the design and production of high quality, original 32mm scale miniatures cast in high grade resins.

They are currently hard at work on their game sci-fi universe and I have to say based on the teasers so far, and we’ll get to them, i ‘m very tempted.

Overseer – The Voch Hegemony.


The Hegemony breed Overseers to lead its military forces in the most crucial of conflicts, whenever victory is needed. Standing at over seven feet tall and equipped with the latest in Voch technology, these genetically modified warriors are rightly feared and are often seen leading the charge into the heart of the enemy.



After a clandestine meeting with the rogue Mind, Widow Blue. Rayne left her job with the Blackwell Alpha Corporation. She lives off the grid working as a hacker for hire. Her unique talents resulting in high demand from both Incursion and Strike teams.

House Rass – Captain of the bodyguard.


House Rass have made many enemies in their pursuit for even the smallest piece of technology from the Phantom Worlds.



During the fourteen minute war, an E.V.A Special Forces team led by Scarecrow were launched in minimum vacuum armour from the Earth vessel ‘Lack of Interest’. They traversed the two hundred and fifty thousand kilometers to the Hask’l Empires command ship, where they then proceeded to breach and take control in less then nine minutes. Scarecrows team executed the Hask’l Queen and detonated charges in the Royal  hatcheries, venting the atmosphere. The death of the Queen and immediate royal line led to the Empire fracturing, almost instantly, as each of Hask’l princess felt their Queen s death. Fifty years later the Empire is still in a state of civil war.

As a fluff bunny (someone who enjoys the back story and universe a game is based in) i’m excited and have high hopes for Miniature 13’s game system. Based on their 3D render of their Overseer i’m going to be picking up a few if only to paint them up.


Miniature 13 is definitely shaping up to be one to keep an eye out for.

– from The Man Cave

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