So what is there for me part 1…

So first of all let me say that games come in all different genres, types, shapes and sizes. We will have a quick look at the most common types you’ld see down at your local store. We shall start with tabletop wargames.

Probably the most known type of this game would be Warhammer/ Warhammer 40K. Although Infinity and Warmachine/ Hordes has been growing in popularity. Basically how it plays is this: 2 or more players agree on a size of a game. This is usually done on a points system. In a points system every model/ unit is worth a certain amount of points and you add up these points till you reach your limit.

In most games there would be a mission or sceanario that you must complete by the end of the game in order to win or alternativly you can just kill all your opponents models.

Games are divided into turns where each player would be able to move their models then perform a combat action or special action.

Dice are rolled throughout the course of the game to determine results of combat, special actions and such.

The attraction of tabletop wargames to people comes from a number of things. Such as:

* collecting, assembling and painting an army of your choice and composition.
* the game rewards tactical and logical decision making.
* the game is competitive with regular tournaments.

So do you fancy commanding an army of robots, an army of genetically engineered super soldiers, a rag tag group of rebels fighting the man or something inbetween? Chances are theres a wargame for you.

– from The Man Cave

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