It costs how much…

So after your trip to your local store you might be deciding on picking up a game… And then you see the price.

Part of you might be thinking “feck that, i’m not spending that” and that’s understandable.

A good board game nowadays will cost roughly between €30 to €100.

A starter box for a tabletop game will cost roughly between €20 to €50.

And a starter box or core set as they are sometimes known as for a card game would be roughly €20 to €40.

And that’s not counting any expansions or add on’s. Sounds dear, doesn’t it.

So lets put things into perspective and i’ll use myself as an example.

I rarely have a drink, my partner has a drink twice a week. So we’re going to do a bit of maths.

My partner has four cans of Coors on her weigh in night (she’s a member of Slimming World, it’s a weight loss club) and a bottle of wine at the weekend which totals about €16 a week/ €64 a month.

I go to my local store once a week. It costs €5 (depending on the day and time. My local store charges €5 for a table after 6pm weekdays but tables are free at the weekend) . So that’s €5 a week/ €20 per month. I’ld usually buy something once a month for about €15 – 30 (depending on what i’m buying for). So my spending is at most €50 per month on gaming.

That’s a difference of €14 in my favour. How much do you drink? How much do you spend on drinking or something similar. Making you think yet? My partner won’t see that money again. Whereas i have something to show for it and will be able to use/ play with it for some time to come.

So when you look at things in my example is it really that dear?

– from The Man Cave

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