Where’s your cave?

I’ve been a gamer as far back as i can remember. As a child i played with my He-man, GI Joe, Transformers (i still play with some of them) and Star Wars toys. As i got older i played computer games (commodore 64, nes, snes , mega drive and pc). When i hit about 16/ 17 years old i discovered my enjoyment for models, boardgames and card games. And i’ve been doing them ever since.

A couple of months ago myself and my family moved house. In the back garden of our new home was a shed that the previous tenants kept their chest freezer and tumble dyer in.

As a gamer (card, tabletop and board games) i’ve always wanted my own space for all my little toys and immediately saw an opportunity here. Within a week i put in shelves and got some basics in (the wood i liberated from skips and got myself a 4 ft x 4 ft MDF board from a local supplier). I then declared to the misses the shed was MINE. I called it The Man Cave (i even as a joke put a sign up calling it The Man Cave).

I’ve had people over, played some games and a thought started to grow. Do other people have a cave? Some where to go, to call their own little space. Not counting my shed i have my local game store to go to. But what about people that would like to game but dont know how?

When i say “How” i’m talking about someone who would like to “game” but either they don’t know where they could go or what type of game they would like to play. And thats what Where’s your cave is basically about. The where and the what.

The idea for this blog/ articles/ ramblings is to cross post. Both here and on YouTube about where’s available to “game” and have your little cave. Over the coming months and hopefully years I want to talk/ ramble/ talk nonsense about shops/ locations/ suppliers and what’s out there to play.

Incase you didn’t know we’ve come a long way from playing card games such as Snap or board games like Monoply (also known as the family killer).

– from The Man Cave

Apologies for any grammar or spelling mistakes but there was only one Shakespere and I’m not him.

2 thoughts on “Where’s your cave?

  1. I have plans to both tidy my shed and convert a part of it into a Man Cave. It’s more than large enough to hold a gaming table and it’d be good to migrate some stuff from the house out! You are an inspiration.


  2. I got back into gaming after a couple of decades away earlier this year. I thought if I asked around on FaceBook I might find a couple of mates I could convince to play but actually found I’d got 15 people who were really up for a game. We’ve been playing in a pub function room since March, initially two games once a month, then one game of the games ended up being fornightly and from September we’ll end up with two games running every fortnight.
    The pub we were meeting in is now running a film night on Monday’s so I had to find somewhere else. I had to try a few places but through a fortunate meeting at a local game shop I found another pub who were willing to let us have their function room for free on a Monday night provided we were buying drinks.
    I’d love my own cave but for the moment the function room in The Dog And Bull will do nicely.


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